The Powell History Crash Course on the Coming Crash


To Defend Your Life and Values,
Get the Economic Situation into Focus Now!



“There is a real possibility that in our lifetime we will live through a depression worse than the 1930s and…the world as we know it ending. I think that is a real possibility. And the debt…is the financial cause of that, unless something is done.” –Yaron Brook, Director of the Ayn Rand Institute (Ford Hall Forum – May 20, 2010)

Tragically, in the current political climate the truth must be faced: “We are not going to let our economy restructure. We are going to destroy it. We are going to drive it into the ground. We are going to wipe out everybody…[Those] are the politics…That is why I remain so negative on my outlook on the United States.” –Peter Schiff, Economist and Noted Forecaster (Schiff Report, August 17, 2010)


BEWARE: An economic crash the likes of which the United States has never experienced is coming within at most ten years, though probably less than three. If we are lucky, it is just around the corner, because the longer it takes to unfold, the worse it will be. But what does an economic collapse mean for you and those you care about? The answers may surprise you. And the sooner you learn them, the better off you’ll be.

  • The Crash is going to be the defining event of the 21st century.
  • If you choose to be informed, you can insulate yourself against the Crash, and even prosper!
  • The Crash will literally lead to a “New World Order,” but that’s not necessarily all bad.
  • You can experience personal and financial security, even when our already weak economy deteriorates dramatically.
  • The fundamental way to prepare is to gain knowledge. Knowledge is power!


I believe this is the most important course I will ever give in my life!


A First History for Adults” made history accessible to adult learners for the first time. “History At Our House” created a new standard in distance learning for homeschoolers. Now, I bring you an unparalleled “crash course” on the coming economic catastrophe that awaits the United States and the world. Armed with the knowledge from this latest course, you will be able to prepare for every likely eventuality–both economic and political.

If you’ve taken my history lectures, you know that Powell History products are uniquely valuable, based on an independent rational perspective. If, like me, you previously ignored or downplayed the many warning signs out there, possibly because you felt that they represented some kind of irrational alarmism, it’s time to rethink the matter. Over the past years, I have radically changed my life and work. I am now more ready for the Crash with every passing month. My family will be safer in the coming years. But that’s only because I have taken this issue seriously, and educated myself. You need to do that too, and I believe I can help you in unique ways.

Ever since I learned of the possibility of a coming crash, I began to study the subject intensively. Though not an expert in economics myself, I have used my expertise in processing abstract bodies of information, gained from over ten years of professional studies in history, to penetrate past the cacophony of conventional commentary and the non-essentials of the subject. As I did previously with history, I have found the experts, I have learned from them, and I have combined their technical expertise with my historical outlook to make sense of the world to come. In the Crash Course, I have revealed everything I know, so that you can protect yourself as well.

The original Powell History Crash Course on the Coming Crash was a single three-hour presentation, recorded live in the fall of 2010, offered on demand on-line and downloadable podcast, for only $149. As of the summer of 2012, it now also includes a crucial Crash Update lecture at no extra cost!



The Crucial Thing to Do is Get the Economic Situation into Focus.

Given the volatile position of the world financial system, and the especially precarious position of the American economy, the Crash could literally happen tomorrow. Unfortunately, honest economists will always admit that there is no way to know the precise timing of such an event given the complexity of the world political-economic system. (A couple of year ago, I predicted the fall of the Mubarak regime in a course I gave on the Islamist Entanglement. I said it woult be the next main Middle East government to fall. I could not have pegged the timing — no one could have — but, in principle, I knew it would happen soon. The same truth holds for the collapse of the economic system.)

You could certainly go out, now that I’ve warned you, and start “cramming” like I did. When I first really came to grips with the Crash in 2010, I almost stopped everything else. I worked intensively for long weeks and months. I haven’t stopped working on the issue. Now that I’ve put in the time, just as I did with “A First History for Adults,” or “History At Our House,” you don’t have to. You don’t have to read dozens of books and sift through hundreds of web sites, and try to weigh the complex arguments out there. In three hours, you will know what direction to take in learning about this coming tectonic shift.

“The Crash is Inevitable, and Let it Come!!!” –Historian Scott Powell

Please understand that in offering this course, I know that I am putting my reputation on the line. If I turn out to be just another doomsayer instead of a historian whose powerful knowledge helped people, I know what that might do to my professional standing. It could seriously damage my reputation. I am so convinced, however, that the Crash is coming, that I am willing to take that risk.

To me, giving this course is the ultimate expression of all the work I have done in my career and a reflection of my deep sense of professional responsibility as a historian, not just to explain what happened in the past, but to provide useful knowledge to people — to provide the kind of knowledge that can save your life. In fact, in putting together this course, and thinking about how I’ll be helping people, I’ve never been prouder to be a historian.


Three Hours That Will Pay for Themselves!

  • The Powell History Crash Course on the Coming Crash is a single three-hour presentation, recorded live in the fall of 2010, and now available as an on demand on-line and downloadable podcast.
  • The Crash Update is a bonus one-hour presentation, recorded live in the summer of 2012, and now available as an on demand on-line and downloadable podcast, at no extra cost!


  • The course AND UPDATE are available for only $149.
  • In addition to the course outline, an extensive list of recommended materials, including on-line links and books for follow-up research is provided with both lectures. These exclusive recommendations will propel you to the next level of knowledge you need in order to take action.
  • Students of the live sessions of the Crash Course from 2010 who pursued my basic advice on how to begin taking preparations, saved at least $160, if not $320 or more, by making a single purchase. For these listeners, the Crash Course paid for itself twice over or more. And these benefits are only the beginning.