History is Dead. Long live History!

ScottPowellPortrait2My name is Scott Powell. I am the creator of A First History for Adults™ and History At Our House™. I am very excited to announce that I am writing a book that will make history accessible to an adult audience, once and for all. It is called

History is Dead. Long Live History!
This book is my battle cry on behalf of every student of history who has ever begged to know, “Who Cares?!” It is my declaration of intent to overthrow the entire history establishment, and to remake it in the image of its creators, the ancient Greeks–and its greatest students, the Founding Fathers of the United States. I hope you will join me on an odyssey of learning that will include the book and associated courses. Stay tuned to this page for more information.


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The purpose of history is to help us understand the world we live in, and live better in it. Tragically, modern historians have drained our culture of the conviction that history matters. History is dead, or nearly so.

If you are reading this, however, there is hope. History is a life-giving power, when properly pursued, and if you are willing to try just one more time to pursue it, I will do my utmost in the following pages to honor your quest for a meaningful past.

Given how severe the damage done to history by its own practitioners is, our task is enormous. History has devolved into a dissonant cacophony while the world it should have illuminated for us has radically expanded in complexity. The combination of these trends is disastrous—possibly even fatal for civilization.

As a historian, I face the future with great trepidation. Not the ambiguous angst of the ignorant, but a concern arising out of an integrated awareness of the great challenges before mankind at this stage in its history. Despite our technological proficiency, we have lost sight of the fundamental truths that fuel human progress, among them the life-giving power of history.

Human life is a specific phenomenon. Man, the rational animal, flourishes under certain conditions and not others. Human civilization ebbs and flows in certain ways. In societies where history and its cognate fields of philosophy, law, literature, art, and economics—the humanities—have flourished, man has risen: out of the pre-historical darkness, into classical Greece; out of the Dark Ages, into the Renaissance; out of the oppression of European statism, into the freedom of the American Revolution. The decline we can sense all around us is the obverse of these, and we don’t have much time to reverse it, if we even can.

We must try, else there is no hope. History may be dead, but it can be revived. And when it is, it will fuel a new Renaissance the likes or which the world has never witnessed. Together, we can make it happen. Long live history!

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